Coraline Promotional Campaign


The promotional material for Coraline was extensive. With the run-up to the movie’s release, the promotional team sent 50 handmade boxes to popular bloggers in order to create intrigue for the film.


The boxes also contained passwords that unlocked online films that the blogger’s readers could use. This would definitely increase online followings of the movie. Online promotions didn’t stop there however, the team also created games,

 images editors for social media usersscreen-shot-2016-12-08-at-14-55-05 and character interactions. The used a character named Bobinsky for interactive media including website banners and made custom ‘Bobinsky voicemail’ for people to use both created by Jimmy Caron he spoke about it saying “This was an exciting area of communication in which I was in charge of a blank interactive canvas to create the life of this barrel-chested Russian eccentric off the screen- with 64 and counting posts later, 25,000 hits the first month and enough followers to fill a small city, this was the most incredible writing experience I have ever been involved with.”[3]

The team also teamed up with Nike to create the Coraline Nike Dunks, a limited addition set of sneakers were only available for a select time and utilised themes of the movie, the roughly hand stitched areas of the sneakers. Some sets even came with copies of character models.


Keys from the movie were also hidden near billboards. As gifts to fans of the movie.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 15.47.07.png
Specific shop fronts also had interactive windows that would track people’s faces and give them buttons for eyes like characters from the movie only increasing people’s curiosity surrounding the film.featured_Coraline_02.jpg

With an addition of striking posters, TV spots and trailers the Coraline promotional campaign was one for the books, rivalling even that of the famous Deadpool movie campaign.









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