Line Boil

Line boil is the present wobbling of animation when objects on screen are being redrawn despite them being still most traditional animation houses saw this as a glaring imperfection. Though some recent animation has made it a common trait, for example, the red bull animation (Red Bull, 2011) has exaggerated line boil despite having the use of onionskin due to it being hand-drawn digitally.

red bull.gif

Some animation houses would avoid line boil by simply reusing the frame and only animate moving things like arms. An example of this in use is the 1969’s Scooby-Doo where are you! animation. scoobs.gif

As you can see unless the characters limbs are moving they are completely still, this cuts down on the workload but in comparison to other animations the quality is diminishing Something that animation houses have to consider when producing hand drawn animation. For an example of what a higher budget and a longer deadline look toward Max Fleischer’s 1941 superman.sups.gif

After watching the two you can see that the superman animation holds nuances that the scooby-doo animation doesn’t even come close to and superman was produced 28 years prior to Scooby-doo. This is due to the use of the rotoscope in the production of the superman cartoon. The rotoscope was a machine that allowed the animator to draw straight onto celluloid film over live action footage. The result is an animation that has an improved sense of gravity and characters that have balance in motion.


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