Our brief was simply described as developing the college’s film club.

Our target audience was mainly students attending Stanmore College who wanted to watch a movie in a relaxed social environment but guest to the college would be welcome. We identified this by eliminating other possible recipients of the film club as unpractical( like members of the local community)  this led us to run the club exclusively for the college’s students. Gathering aspects of other successful clubs around the college and adapting them to the film club like having a suitable venue games club had a room with a large screen and a  games console so film club would have a larger room with a larger screen, similar to a cinema. The first two weeks seemed to be very unsuccessful. The first week we thought it was due to the posters not being released but even the second and third weeks didn’t see an increase in turnout rate. But once we utilised the texting method of advertising and changed the venue to the lounge we suddenly had over 10 members staying throughout the entire movie. The first objective was allocating tasks to people based on their skills. The second was organising who would run each week of the club as three people weren’t necessary

To start or campaign off we needed to get an idea of what people would look for in a re-imagined film club. The survey told us that people wanted to see more action films in the early evening and would like the option of bringing food to the screenings. From the logo task feedback, I knew that people were fond of modernistic geometric looking logos and so adapt that into my logo redesign after getting the drawn piece from the artist.

The actual launch of the club was delayed multiple times due to miscommunication in the team

After deciding to run the club in the big hall on the projector we began the club only to have no turnout. For the first two weeks, noon came. The posters were out and everyone knew but still, none came. After changing the venue to the enrichment centre and playing the movies on the screen the turnout increased ten-fold at one club we had 25 people watching a movie.

So perhaps the venue’s accessibility was the main downfall there. From there each week we would ask those who attended what they would like to view next week at turnout stayed relatively the same.

I know now that communication should be one of the high priorities in a team project rather than attempting to do other people’s jobs for them I should keep a line of communication open


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