Working Title: Dyslexia

Topic: Stories told by a woman who has lived with dyslexia for the past 40 years.

Type of Documentary: Observational

Style of Documentary: It will be presented in standard English and informal to engage the audience using a mixture of footage of the focus of the project and hand drawn digital animation to illustrate the stories being told.

Channel and Scheduling:Channel 4 or bbc3’s short documentary segments additionally BBC Radio 4 Today online media would fit this well.

Duration: 5 minutes

Target Audience: People aged 25 and over and those interested in learning disabilities in the UK

Primary Research needed:

  • Interviews with the documentaries focus
  • documentaries

Secondary Research needed:

  • News articles
  • Images of time accurate locations and objects for reference

Narrative Structure:

Not specifically set yet.

Outline of Content: Progressing through the years to the present with the documentaries focus

Resource Requirements:

  • Graphics tablet
  • Adobe: Premiere Pro + After Effects + Animate + Photoshop
  • Lights
  • Panasonic AC90 + Canon 700D
  • Microphone
  • PC/Laptop