Our brief was simply described as developing the college’s film club.

Our target audience was mainly students attending Stanmore College who wanted to watch a movie in a relaxed social environment but guest to the college would be welcome. We identified this by eliminating other possible recipients of the film club as unpractical( like members of the local community)  this led us to run the club exclusively for the college’s students. Gathering aspects of other successful clubs around the college and adapting them to the film club like having a suitable venue games club had a room with a large screen and a  games console so film club would have a larger room with a larger screen, similar to a cinema. The first two weeks seemed to be very unsuccessful. The first week we thought it was due to the posters not being released but even the second and third weeks didn’t see an increase in turnout rate. But once we utilised the texting method of advertising and changed the venue to the lounge we suddenly had over 10 members staying throughout the entire movie. The first objective was allocating tasks to people based on their skills. The second was organising who would run each week of the club as three people weren’t necessary

To start or campaign off we needed to get an idea of what people would look for in a re-imagined film club. The survey told us that people wanted to see more action films in the early evening and would like the option of bringing food to the screenings. From the logo task feedback, I knew that people were fond of modernistic geometric looking logos and so adapt that into my logo redesign after getting the drawn piece from the artist.

The actual launch of the club was delayed multiple times due to miscommunication in the team

After deciding to run the club in the big hall on the projector we began the club only to have no turnout. For the first two weeks, noon came. The posters were out and everyone knew but still, none came. After changing the venue to the enrichment centre and playing the movies on the screen the turnout increased ten-fold at one club we had 25 people watching a movie.

So perhaps the venue’s accessibility was the main downfall there. From there each week we would ask those who attended what they would like to view next week at turnout stayed relatively the same.

I know now that communication should be one of the high priorities in a team project rather than attempting to do other people’s jobs for them I should keep a line of communication open.

Motion Graphics


When approaching the motion graphics for the animation advertising Cinema Central I took major inspiration from Comedy Central’s TV adverts. For some reason I could not find one example of the animations in question but I found an animation that incorporates it massively. CLICK HERE.  I used the idea that motion would only be used to reveal more information that way no time that the viewer is interested is being wasted. In their mind they see something move,*Cinema Central* the text slants,*Tuesdays at 4pm* the text bounces back and more text drops out the bottom, *main hall*, bouncing *LOGO*. The Comedy Central adverts use this rule strictly so, so did I. Click here for final animation.

Logo progress


Today I received the logo in digital format.Logo rugged.jpgSadly the file seemed badly cut and lines did not seem clean to me so I opened it in Photoshop and cleaned the image up slightly.Logo smooth.jpgWith the image cleaned up I placed it into the animation.

Click here for the second version of the animation.

I showed the animation to a few people and they recommended that I get rid of the spinning logo at the end of the animation and I agree that the animation does not need the spinning logo at the end. By the end of the animation, there has been enough movement the viewer simply needs to be shown the logo.

Click here for the third version of the animation.



This lesson we assessed possible venues for the clubs events. Since the club will be screening movies a big screen or projector would be ideal.

The first assessment would be a standard classroom with a projector. The room has chairs and tables. Now it would be usable but not ideal as the light outside the room could affect the image of the movie negatively.

Second on the list is the TV studio.DSC_0002[1].jpg

Lastly is the main hall.DSC_0023[1].jpgWith a projector that fills the entire stage and a sound system, this room seems ideal. DSC_0020[1].jpgDSC_0019[1].jpgAdditionally, the room has three fire exits compared to only one in the other rooms.DSC_0024[1].jpgThe room also has a second projector on a smaller drop back which can act as a backup if the primary projector fails.

At this time I have a prepared the animation for the logo to be placed in.

Comp 1 (0;00;02;07).jpg
Click here to view.

However, the logo has been sketched up but not available to me in digital from. It should be emailed to me during the week.cinema central drawing.jpg

Film Club questionnaire


This questionnaire will be used to form an idea on how Stanmore college’s film club can be renewed.

What time would you like to see a film club run?

  •  Early morning
  • Lunch time
  • Early evening
  • Other:

Would you like food to be available?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

What genre of movies would you like to see screen(feel free to tick more than one)

  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Romance
  •  Action
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Western
  • War
  • Film noir
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Animation
  • Other

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Film Club


For unit 10 we were tasked with running a film club for our college. Now I have some experience with this as last year I made an attempt at running the club myself sadly with a very low turnout rate. However this year we have 3 other administration members for the club. I believe that the name of the club we settled on is Cinema Central. I will be tasked with creating a motion graphics to advertise the club on the college’s service announcement monitors.  Now at this time, I don’t have access to the clubs logo as another member of the group was tasked with creating a logo. So until then I’ll begin the animation and incorporate the logo when it is available in a usable format.

Logo Task


The class was split into groups to create a title and logo for a production company to me run by the class. The group settled on MultiVisionStudios.

I wanted to use simple geometry in our logo as it would make the company easier to recognise.2000px-Black_triangle.svg.pngI began with a triangle. I like triangles. nULTI VISION STUDIOS LOGO.jpg

We agreed on the colour being a turquoise, I put the companies title in the centre. I also gave the triangle a drop shadow to add depth to the image. I was told it looked very flat before doing this. Also that the text was too thin…


So I made the text thicker.

mvs ps.jpg

I then thought maybe bringing it back would be a good idea and returned to the solid black triangle and made the background a turquoise with a slight gradient in brightness. Additionally, the text is a bold black underneath the logo.

I was so fond of this format that I decided to animate the image. Click here to view the animation. It was simple enough. As it was all created in photoshop it was already separated in a format that After Effects would understand. I imported the PSD file into After Effects and added a slow rotation to the triangle, key framed the opacities of various layers and added a particle overlay from youtube other the top. Finished in 5 minutes and I was really found with how professional it seemed. I had a spare moment so I created an alternate version of the final image using aspects of the second version.mvs ps2.jpg

Magazine Critique


Analysing the college’s magazine the only thing that surprised me was that it actually had content. I had expected to find a loosely put together collection of articles that were badly written it the fact was it had content. Personally, in this day and age it would only be beneficial to make a digital magazine. Yes, the argument could be made that if the magazine is physically in front of someone that they are more likely to read it. But the same could be said for if there is a link to the magazine on studyspace, since that has the most traffic from Stanmore College students. Having the magazine in digital format would also promote communication with the writers, editors and readers through social media. I think that a college magazine would be helpful if it promotes communication and integration between social groups and cliques.