Unit 11

This unit’s focus is on what happens after my current course. My goal is to be an active creative in the UK’s film industry with possible branches into Television Broadcasting and Video Game direction. After the course, there are multiple paths I can take to attain this goal one of which in University. Below I have listed some Film Courses being run by Universities in London.


FILM BA(HONS) – Kingston University

FILM BA HONOURS – Middlesex University

These courses interest me and I have begun work on my personal statement-

Film has been the most consistent interest I have had since I was ten years old.

I remember drawing characters as a child and writing short stories for them.The stories would always have an event that changed them. Something that would force the character to adapt, but also define who they were. I fall in love with films that show how people can become more and hope to be able to be a part of creating media that does so.

I believe that studying a film degree would aid me in honing my filmmaking skills greatly. I have a great interest in editing, video compositing and motion graphics but most visual aspects of film grab my attention. I hope to study a course that not only widens my knowledge on the technical side of film production but the theoretical aspects of film.

I excel at the digital manipulation of video due to me practising editing and compositing since the age of thirteen years old.

This year I have worked part time at a Mcdonald’s branch, experiences there have immensely improved my communication skills and working in a group with fluidity, something that I anticipate will be a crucial part of working in a film production.  I’ve also spent the last two years being part of multiple small productions where I’ve taken different roles from prop designer to producer absorbing all I can about film and the workings that go into creating a quality piece of film.

At this moment in time, I study a  UAL course that focuses on both the practical and theoretical aspects of film similarly to the course I hope to attend. Through the course, I have expanded my knowledge on topics such as pre-production, lighting, sound design, prop design(aided by my enjoyment for woodwork), and directing. I’ve also gathered some tips and tricks on editing and postproduction but a lot of that knowledge has stemmed from my pre-existing interest in the topic. I am currently in preproduction for a project being led by a university student that is set to film in 2017.

I do believe that university is the path I would like to take but if all falls through freelancing seems like a viable option until I have enough money to start up my own small production company. Here are some examples of possible freelancing jobs. 2.JPG1.JPG

Here is my CV